Chatbot CMS and WhatsApp Integration

Chatbot CMS and WhatsApp Integration


WOZTELL develops, as part of its strategy to offer WhatsApp integrated with other software, the possibility of using chatbots over WhatsAppFb Messenger, and WebChat. A Chatbot is an agent that can work independently or in conjunction with human agents, with the following objectives:
  1. Customer Service
    1. 24/7
    2. Resolution of inquiries
    3. Data collection for process initiation (purchasing, complaints, satisfaction, etc)
    4. Push notifications for alerts
    5. Hybrid management (chatbot + human agent)
  2. Automation of
    1. Qualifying processes of potential clients
    2. Client data updates within the system
  3. Marketing campaign
    1. Registration of client preferences
    2. Management of WhatsApp inbound marketing


Currently, WOZTELL supplies Chatbot licenses exclusively to clients that have contracted the creation of the ChatBot with WOZTELL.

Since the beginning of our experience in the creation of Chatbots over WhatsApp, around mid-2019, we have verified the diversity of this sector and how the creation and possibilities of a ChatBot depend as much on the platforms used as on the work of the consulting/developing companies.
At WOZTELL we have challenged ourselves to train 100 consulting companies in the use of ChatBot CMS STELLA, developed by the SANUKER company, which has strategic and corporate ties with the holding that WOZTELL is part of.

Until 2021 there is no forecast for the availability of contracting licenses independently from Chatbot Turnkey services.


A chatbot is a "developed software" that works according to its programming. Creating a ChatBot requires a process similar to any other development work, although it differs in that the programming is carried out in the graphic interface of STELLA.

The work to be carried out and the teams required are:

  1. Process consulting: an external or internal consultant documents the processes that need automation as well as the client's objectives.
  2. Development consulting: a process analyst, translates the processes to how they must be developed.
  3. Pilot programming: a development team creates the pilot chatbot to be tested by the client
  4. Project programming: a development team creates the chatbot using client feedback after the pilot
  5. Test: client tests the solution
  6. CMS Training: User and/or Administrator level
  7. GoLive: chatbot "goes live" with monitoring
  8. Adjustments and improvements: a batch of hours is assigned monthly to adjust and improve the chatbot, repeating steps 1 through 6
Process consulting, Tests, User level training on the CMS, and Adjustments and Improvements may be done by external consultors while all other phases, all throughout 2020, must be handled by WOZTELL.

WOZTELL holds periodic training sessions for business partners and clients to train them in chatbot consulting. Contact our sales team at to learn about upcoming training events.

Number of ChatBots per client

The amount of chatbots a WOZTELL user may have is limited and the cost will depend on the subscribed license. The licenses that allow the use of ChatBots are "ChatBot" and "Tailored".
Currently, the ChatBots created by the WOZTELL team may be developed for various technologies such as WhatsApp, Fb Messenger, or WebChat.
The number of chatbots you may have will vary dependent on the type of chatbot requested:
For WhatsApp, you can have as many chatbots as WhatsApp numbers contracted with us. Remember that each WhatsApp number with a chatbot requires an independent "WOZTELL ChatBot" license.
Fb Messenger, WebChat: can have as many chatbots as desired with only one "WOZTELL CHATBOT" license contracted for all of them. Remember that the cost of this license will be the one published on the pricing web page, and the "pay per use" will depend on the total sum of all "Active Monthly users" (the sum of WhatsApp, Fb Messenger, WebChat, etc)

Additional technologies are available upon request such as WeChat, SKYPE, Fb WorkPlace, etc. 

IA Google DialogFlow and Microsoft Luis

Chatbots created by WOZTELL have, naturally, integration with Google DialogaFlow and Microsoft Luis platforms. Because of this, it is possible that when receiving a message from a client, it would be processed by one of these two platforms, and the answer may be used either to send to the client or to initiate a necessary process (read or write on 3rd platforms, activation of a particular chatbot node, etc).

A client may use his own DialogFlow or Luis accounts, in coordination with the WOZTELL development team, so the client may add his own intelligence adapted to his business to the answers emitted by the chatbot.