Disable 2-Factor Authentication - WhatsApp Cloud API

Disable 2-Factor Authentication - WhatsApp Cloud API

If you wish to disable the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you must follow the steps below in your WhatsApp Manager:

1. On your Facebook Business account, go to WhatsApp accounts in the Business settings. ( https://business.facebook.com/settings/whatsapp-business-accounts/ )

2. Once you have selected the WhatsApp account, click on the Settings button at the top:

3. Within this menu, scroll down to the bottom until you find the button WhatsApp Manager

4. Once you have accessed the WhatsApp Manager, a new window will be opened in the browser. Click on the briefcase that appears on the left side:

5. Then, select the Phone numbers option.

6.  Once you are on this screen, click on the Settings icon on the right side. Within this option, you can now see the Two-step verification option.

7. In the Two-step Verification tab, click on Turn off two-step verification