Get the Woztell Admin and the Woztell token

Get the "Woztell Admin" and the "Woztell token"

The Woztell admin and Woztell token are necessary credentials to be able to use Woztell endpoints and integration with Zoho Flow. If we have integration with Zoho CRM,  we can obtain this data by following the below steps:

      1. We access our Zoho CRM admin account

      2. We access the Settings section

      3. We look for the Marketplace section and access the ALL section

      4. In the list of installed extensions, we look for the VERIFIED WHATSAPP BUSINESS FOR ZOHO CRM by WOZTELL extension and click on the Configure section.

      5. In this section, we can obtain the Woztell token.

      6. To get the Woztell admin we access the Settings section.

      7. In this section, we can obtain the Woztell admin that corresponds to the Zoho CRM administrator field.