How to revoke Woztell connection in Zoho accounts?

How to revoke Woztell connection in Zoho accounts?

Users sometimes install the Woztell platform organization in two or more Zoho organizations, and this causes the services to stop working and not show the channels created on the Woztell platform in the Zoho widget. 

In this article, we explain how to revoke privileges for the installed Woztell extensions.

Note that those actions must be performed by the Zoho SuperAdmin and you must have uninstalled the extensions

1. In your browser, type:
Note that depending on your organisation, it can also be .in (India), .eu (Europe), .jp (Japan) or (Australia)

2.  In the left-side menu, go to the "Sessions" section and then move to "Connected apps"



3. Find in the list of applications "Cliq integration with Woztell" or "CRM integration with Woztell".




4. Click on "Revoke Access" to complete the process.


Sometimes the system asks for authentication again with the SuperAdmin



5. Once this is done, you will need to install the Cliq or CRM extensions again with Zoho SuperAdmin.

You will find the tutorials to install them again in this article.