How to update Woztell extension in Zoho Cliq

How to update Woztell extension in Zoho Cliq?

We frequently update the Woztell extension to improve its performance and usability by adding new features. It is important to ensure that you have the latest version.

Please note that in your list of extensions in Cliq, the Woztell extension is called "Woztell Full".

There are two ways to keep your Woztell Full extension up to date:

  1. Automated:

We recommend that you enable the automatic update, to save you time and ensure that your computer is always working with the most current version of the Woztell extension.

To activate this feature, log in to your Cliq account with the administrator account and select automatic updates.

When your automatic updates are enabled, whenever we release a new version it will be available for use immediately.

  1. Manually

Only the Cliq account admin can update the extension by following the steps below:


1.Click on the extension icon in the top right corner of Zoho Cliq.

2. Click on "Installed" on the left side

3. In the column "New updates", click on the version button available on the right side, next to the list of "Woztell Full" extensions. The version number may vary from the one you see in the image below, as we are continuously improving and releasing new features.

4. Allow the extension to update, and then click on the "Take me to Cliq" button on the page to return to Zoho Cliq and continue using it.

For any doubts about the use of the tool, you can write to the support team: or create a support ticket directly. 


  1. What is the purpose of updating Woztell? 

It is important to have the extension up to date in order to have access to all functionalities.

  1.  What improvements do the upgrades include?

Updates include security improvements, bug fixes, and system enhancements for new features.