Monthly Active Users

Monthly Active Users

Active users

An active user is anyone who interacts, at least once, with one of our activated channels on the WOZTELL platform.
The possible interactions are, among others:
  1. Writes us a text
  2. Sends us an image, audio, file, emoticon, etc.
  3. Clicks on a button on an interactive template
For example: if we send a template informing about the date and time of an appointment 10,000 times in a month, these are not considered active users. Only those who reply to us, regardless of whether they should be attended to by a human agent or a chatbot, will be considered Active Users.

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Monthly Active Users (MAU)

WOZTELL has licenses that offer the possibility of receiving messages while limiting the number of monthly users.
Every 1st of the month the counter for the customers that have contacted us is reset. An MAU is defined as anyone who has contacted us at least once a month through a channel.
If a customer contacts us using our different numbers, for WOZTELL's purposes it counts as different users.
Likewise, if the contact was made through another channel integrated with WOZTELL (Facebook Messenger, WebChat, etc), each contact would be counted as a different MAU.

To find out how many monthly active users are included in your plan, please visit

Extra Monthly Active Users cost

Extra MAU are those that exceed the number included in the subscribed plan. If you have exceeded the limit of MAU included in your plan, a fixed amount will be deducted from your Deposit, per each extra user.

For example: 
Let's suppose you subscribed to a Growth Plan. This plan, according to the rate in March 2023, offers up to 1,000 free MAU within the cost of the license.
If in the same month of March, you had 1,120 users writing messages to you (1,120 MAU), the equivalent of 120 users would be deducted from your deposit.
If the cost per customer was, for example, $0.08, the calculation would be $0.08 x 120 = $9.60 and it would be applied directly.