Setup Woztell - step 1: Request to start the FB / WABA verification processes

Setup step 1: Request to start verification processes

Once your request to start the FB / WABA verification process has been confirmed, our SETUP team will request the necessary steps. The maximum estimated time is 3 weeks, but it mainly depends on the different verifications times from the platforms (Facebook and WhatsApp).

The first step will be to fill in a series of data about your company, as shown in the following example:

WhatsApp Business Name/Display Name: Woztell
Corporation Name in Full:   Woztell Sanuker S.L.
Region:    Madrid
Country:     Spain
Sector:    ERP
WhatsApp Business Use Case:   Customer service message
Description of use: WhatsApp will be used to send notifications about the status of orders placed by our customers.
Example: receipt of the order, update of the expected delivery date, and confirmation of the order's delivery address.
WhatsApp number (Complete number with international prefix): 16506145421
Are you using WhatsApp Business at this number?  Yes
At the appropriate time, a request will be made to delete the WhatsApp account of the number provided, which will delete all messages and logs. Please note that, in accordance with WhatsApp Policy, it will not be possible to have WhatsApp Personal or WhatsApp Business on this number in the future. This process cannot be reversed.
Regarding your Facebook account:

Next, we will ask you for your Facebook Business Manager (FBM) account identifier:
Your Facebook page is:
Your Business Manager identifier is:  442554658745136   (Attach an image showing your FBM identifier)
  1. If you don't use an FB page you can create it by following the steps here:
  2. If you don't have an FBM you can create it by following the steps here:
  3. In the image below we show you exactly where to find your identifier: