Woztell commands in Zoho Cliq

Woztell commands in Zoho Cliq

In this article, we will show how Woztell commands work in Zoho Cliq.

Messaging commands

To be able to send messages from Cliq to WhatsApp clients or users, you will use the /w command and the message you want to send. If you do not use the /w command, the message will only be viewed internally in the Cliq chat.

This is the way to differentiate between an internal and external message. When we introduce /w, we let the system know that the message is for sending directly via WhatsApp Business API to the customer. 

Commands must be typed in lowercase


To send media files, you have to use the /w command and then attach the media file, either by choosing it or dragging it to the text bar.


Sending WhatsApp templates

What is a WhatsApp template?

A WhatsApp template is a message format that can be used over and over again to send messages to users once it has been previously approved by WhatsApp. If you want to contact a WhatsApp customer that has not replied to your business for over 24 hours, you can only use a WhatsApp template to contact them. You can only use normal text/media messages until the customer replies you.

You can get more information about WhatsApp templates at this link

In order to send WhatsApp templates with Woztell, you can use the following command:

/w -send


After that, a pop-up window will appear and you will be able to choose the template name and the language. Then, if the template contains any parameters, media, etc., you will be able to fill in the information.


  1. How to send a WhatsApp Template:

1) Select the name of the Template

2) Select the language 

3) If your template has parameters, add them.

4) Then, click on the Send button.

  1. Message status:

You can follow the message status based on the icon located on the left:

โคด๏ธ Message left your Cliq and was sent to WABA cloud

๐ŸŒ Message sent from WABA cloud to the contact

 ๐Ÿ“ฒ Message delivered to the contact

 โœ… Message read by the contact

 โœ–๏ธ Message sending failed and an error message with the explanation of why it failed will appear

Get the contact or lead in Zoho CRM

Command to get info about the contact/lead in Zoho CRM:
  • The command that allows you to get the lead/contact from Zoho CRM is /crm
  • You will be able to go to the record in Zoho CRM or link the conversation to a new record.

Note that it will only work if you have integrated Woztell with Zoho CRM.

Pause/resume a chatbot in a Zoho Cliq channel

This command is used to pause/resume the chatbot for a customer in Zoho Cliq.

Command: /bot
Options:-on or -off