Integration of DialogFlow with Woztell

Integration of DialogFlow with Woztell

At this point in time, the growth of Chatbots or conversational bots is an irrefutable fact. For those of us that surf the internet daily, we come across these friendly robots several times a day, conveniently configured to pop up every time we want to request information about products/services, order something online, or even for a computer repair service. Their mere presence results in remarkable efficiency on behalf of the company using it, as they do not need a human being on the other side, and this increases production significantly. In addition, as the Chatbot is created and designed with the user as a focus, it ends up with high performance in terms of end-user goals.

Due to the complexity of these Chatbots, their limits are increasing every day. What started as something as simple as a decision-tree, where for a particular question we always received the same answer, has now evolved into a network of artificial intelligence, where for the same entry we may receive a different answer.  This is achieved by the implementation of state machines.  We will not delve deep into this topic in this article, however, a state machine is not a physical machine; it basically is conceptual modeling where output is re-fed back as input, becoming part of the current state that, in turn, will obtain the next output.

However, in contrast to the conceptual complexity, creating a chatbot is no longer difficult and there are various tools dedicated to facilitating these processes. One of the most widely used today is Google's DialogFlow. This service allows the main structure of a chatbot to be created quickly (in a few minutes) by creating "agents" and "intents" and "params".

Our WOZTELL clients can connect WhatsApp services with their ZOHO Cliq, Zoho CRM or ZOHO Desk; the question now would be:

Is it possible to connect a chatbot to my WOZTELL account?

The answer is YES! A chatbot created in DialogFlow can be easily connected to Woztell. The way to do this is very simple:

  1. The first step is to have a chatbot created in DialogFlow Documentation
  2. Next, send the Json Key file to our Woztell Setup team (To obtain the Json Key file follow these steps)

This way we can offer our clients, in a simple way, a very powerful tool. The integration is dependant on our team receiving the Json Key File to enable the chatbot that was created to work on the WhatsApp numbers associated with Woztell.

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