Service unsubscription process

How to unsubscribe from Woztell?

The cancellation process has the following steps:

  1. Request the cancellation by sending an email to

  2. You will be asked to review what happens to your WhatsApp Business API (WABA) number after cancellation, as well as the refund policies described below.

  3. You must confirm by email that you wish to proceed with the cancellation.

  4. We will cancel your account renewal and notify you of the date on which the service will be suspended.

Refund policies

  • Will I get a refund for unused credits per use?

The usage credit is refunded when the residual value is higher than the $20 cancellation fee.
The difference between the residual value and the $20 cancellation fee is refunded.

If the value of the credits is less than $20, the residual value is not refunded.

If the cancellation costs are higher than $20 or there are any costs associated with the transfer of the residual value, this additional value will be deducted from the residual credits.  

  • Can I request a partial refund if I subscribed to an annual license?

Yes, in this instance, the support team will register the current month for the termination of your service. The service will be disconnected on the day of the month in which it was finalized the account configuration of the following day. 

Example: If your setup was on the 15th of March, and you cancel on the 10th of August, we will cancel your service on the following 15th; in this example, the cancellation will be on the 15th of August. The amount refunded to you will be the amount paid, subtracting the months used as well as any discounts or promotions that have been applied for the purchase of an annual license.

  • Will setup fees be reimbursed?

No, the setup fee will not be refunded in any instance, whether the service is canceled at the customer's request or because WhatsApp or Facebook does not approve the business.

Pause subscription payment

There is no option to temporarily freeze the subscription.

To temporarily stop the subscription, you have to unsubscribe and request reactivation of the account when you want to reactivate it.

Reactivation will have the setup fee that corresponds to the setup fee of the plan you choose to reactivate. Please note that the setup fee is a one-off payment for account activation. 

What happens to your WABA number after cancellation?

  • Can I register again with the same number if I have already been unregistered?

Yes, at any time, you can ask us to re-activate your number. The reactivation has a setup fee that is a one-time payment of the current cost at the moment you decide to reactivate based on the plan you choose. Your number will be submitted to approval by WhatsApp, and your business will need to comply with the WhastApp commerce policy active at the moment for guaranteeing your reactivation.  
  • Can I reuse my WhatsApp number as personal, business, or with another WABA provider?

For details about WhatsApp number reuse, you can read this article.
For any doubts about the use of the tool, you can write to the support team: or create a support ticket directly.


  • Will I lose my message history?

Message histories are saved differently, dependent on the software you are using, so for each one, there are ways to save the information:

  • Zoho Cliq: to save the WhatsApp history you must keep the "Teams" created by Woztell active: "WhatsApp control team" and "WhatsApp teams". In addition, you must ensure that existing channels are not deleted. To understand more about "Teams" you can read this article. 

  • Zoho CRM and Desk: to save the history, you need to have the Woztell extension installed. If you uninstall the extension, you will lose all WhatsApp logs.

  • API: if you developed integration using our APIs, the history will depend on how you are storing your information. After cancellation, you will no longer have access to the APIs. 

We recommend that you consult our support team about your specific case and make a backup copy, if you wish, before requesting cancellation.

  • Should I uninstall or delete anything?

It is not mandatory to uninstall the Woztell extensions in your CRM, Desk or Cliq. The extension will be disabled when the account is canceled. If you uninstall it, the conversation data stored could be lost as explained above.