WhatsApp Business for your Social Media Strategy

WhatsApp Business for your Social Media Strategy

As we have proposed to start receiving messages, you could adjust your Digital Strategy, both on the web and as we discussed in this article.
But you could also adjust your strategy on Social Networks.
We propose certain actions for your Social Networks, now that you have control of all the data that your Verified WhatsApp Business processes thanks to the integration of Woztell.

Facebook Company Page

With 2,449 million Facebook users, it is the social network with the most users around the world. Your Facebook page allows you to add buttons, the suggestion is that you add a button with the link to your WhatsApp Business Verified.

You will have to follow the following steps:
1.- Go to your Company Page on Facebook
2.- Edit your profile, adding a button.
3.- Step 1, Facebook asks you which button do you want people to see? Select the option to Contact and Select the WhatsApp option
4.- Step 2, is Send a WhatsApp message verifying your WhatsApp number. Facebook will send you a message to verify your phone number.


Facebook Ads campaigns

If you use Facebook Ads campaigns, you will be able to create click-to-WhatsApp ads in the Ads Manager. To carry out this type of campaign, you have to associate your company page with your WhatsApp Business number. You will be able to carry out campaigns both on Instagram, Facebook and the entire Facebook advertising network, including for example Instagram Stories.

You will have to follow the following steps:
1.- Access the ad creation tool.
2.- Choose the objective. This feature is available for the following purposes: Messages, Traffic, Conversions (for the website), and Post Interaction.
3.- In the “Destination of the message” section, select WhatsApp Business.
4.- Define the audience, locations and calendar of the campaign. Please note that these ads cannot be directed to an audience under the age of 15.
5.- In the Announcement section, choose the images, the text and its title.
6.- Click on Confirm to publish the announcement

Instagram profile

There are around 894 Million Users on Instagram, and most of the sessions are done through mobile devices.

We recommend you to do the following:
1.- Use your wa.me, if you don't know how to create a personalized link, I will leave you here an article from our Knowledge Base.
2.- Add a default message, according to the campaign you have active,
3.- Use a link shortener, so you can put a name to that link.

You can include in your posts a message like "Send me a WhatsApp, just go to our profile link"


Linkedin is the social network by reference for professionals, whether you decide to contact the company's WhatsApp, you can include it in your publications. Whether they are company publications, where you are looking for direct contact with the client, or a publication of your professional personal profile.